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Folder inserters are sometimes known as a ‘paper folding machine', ‘envelope stuffer' or even a ‘letter stuffer'. Whatever you decide to call it, folding and inserting your outgoing post will be revolutionised, and your mail, forms, and brochures will all be neatly and professionally inserted and sealed at the touch of a button. We have a range of folder inserters to suit your business, from large scale machines to those that fit comfortably in a smaller office.

Are you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect May 2018 and means that anyone who breaches data security, e.g. a letter in the wrong envelope, could now face up to 4% of their turnover as a fine.

Every Council is forced to comply as is every NHS trust and Government body so speak to our team at Twofold Ltd to make sure your mailroom equipment is capable of effectively managing your outgoing mail.

Cost saving efficiency

Our smallest Folder Inserter machine in the range can process 1,350 items per hour – 13 times faster than a staff member can! Reduce out-going mail costs by simply folding items into smaller envelopes and benefit from cheaper Royal Mail tariffs, and all from a machine that simply sits on a table top - perfect for a small office.

Professional presentation

Twofold Folder Inserters ensure your mailroom achieves crisp, precise folds, accurately collated inserts and correctly positioned addresses in every window envelope.

Complete automation

Save time by linking your Twofold Folder Inserter with one of our Franking Machines, not only saving hours of time but also reducing your postage costs.

Security and peace of mind

By printing a coded set of marks on your documents, the Folder Inserter can insert the correct number of documents into each envelope automatically, ensuring the right documents go to the right recipient.

This is especially important as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 can result in large fines for incorrect content in your outgoing envelopes.
You can buy your folder inserter consumables directly from us at our Twostore site, or simply call our team to discuss the full range of accessories available for your machine.

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Low Volume Folder Inserter

TFi-35 Folder Inserter



- Up to 1,350 inserts per hour

- Up to 3,000 inserts per month

- 2 full feeders, 1 half feeder

- Up to 15 programmable jobs

- C5, C6 and DL envelopes

- L/W/H 658/540/420mm

A fast, easy and efficient mailing solution. From invoices to mail shots, the TFi-35 Folder Inserter is just the job to fold, insert and seal your items of mail at the touch of a button. More info


TFi-63 Folder Inserter

TFi-63 (1 station)


- Up to 2,000 inserts per hour

- Up to 10,000 inserts per month

- Up to 9 programmable jobs

- 1 feeder

- Double document detection

- L/H/W 1,200/520/450mm

The TFi-60 Folder Inserter folds, inserts and seals all in one quick and efficient solution. Flexible enough to process a wide variety of mailing applications saving you valuable time and money. More info


Medium Volume Folder Inserter

TFi-63 Folder Inserter



- Up to 2,200 inserts per hour

- Up 30,000 inserts per month

- Up to 2 full feeders, 1 half feeder

- Up to 15 programmable jobs

- Optional OMR capability

- L/W/H 1,200x520x420mm

The TFi-63 Folder Inserter removes the time consuming chore of manually collating, folding, inserting and sealing your mail, flexible enough to cope with a huge range of documents. More info

TFi-65 - New
- Up to 2,400 inserts/hour           - Up to 30,000 inserts/month
- Up to 4 full feeders                  - Up to 20 programmable jobs
- Exclusive 'Load'n'Go' function     - L/W/H 800x683x445mm
The TFi-65 Folder Inserter is a high-standard professional machine which is extremely user friendly. Flexible enough to cope with a range of documents, it is simple enough that anyone can use it. More info

TFi-75 Folder Inserter



- Up to 3,000 inserts per hour

- Up to 60,000 per month

- Up to 3 full feeders

- OMR and BCR capability

- Up to 25 programmable jobs

- L/W/H 1,300/454/725mm

The TFi-75 Folder Inserter provides fast, flexible and reliable operation for a complete range of document handling tasks whether you're in accounts, marketing or the sales department. More info


High Volume Folder Inserter

TFi-85 Folder Inserter



- Up to 4,000 inserts per hour

- Up to 80,000 inserts per month

- Up to 6 feeders

- OMR and BCR capability

- Up to 20 programmable jobs

- L/W/H 1,820/420/925mm

The TFi-85 Folder Inserter is the fast, flexible and reliable solution to all your business mailing needs. Whatever style of application required, the TFi-85 will handle them efficiently and with ease. More info


TFi-90 Folder Inserter



- Up to 4,300 inserts per hour

- Up to 100,000 inserts per month

- Up to 7 inserts

- OMR and BCR capability

- Insert and frank

- L/W/H 1,500x420x925mm

A folder inserter tailored to user needs with a wide range of specification options and upgrades. Scanning capabilities allow accurate content control and flexible use of document intelligence marks. More info



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