Kofax Kapow

Data acquisition and information integration

Kapow is the world's leading data acquisition and integration software solution, unique in its ability to give business users the ability to build a suite of applications without any scripting or programming skills. Companies like Audi, IBM, AstraZenneca, Lenovo, Lexmark and DHL are using Kapow to save tens of thousands of hours previously needed to bring in data from multiple internet sources or link data from multiple back end systems.

The Kofax Kapow platform is used by hundreds of customers for market intelligence, enterprise automation and integration with a platform that permits business users to self-enable and control information integrations and workflows rapidly, under IT governance.

With Kapow Software's information integration and automation platform, data can be integrated at new speeds, distributed into the hands of business users and leveraged in innovative ways to deliver value across departments and business processes:


Web Information Integration

Acquire and integrate hard to reach web data sources.

Competitive Intelligence & Price Monitoring

Data Aggregation

Brand Monitoring

Investment Research

Screening & Risk Management Services



Automate repetitive, data-driven activities across partner portals, websites, and internal applications.

Transportation & Logistics

Supply Chain Automation

Customer Service & Support

Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Financial Account Aggregation

Accounts Receivable

Process Automation

Content Migration

Automate content migration for consolidating, upgrading, and retiring websites and ECM systems.

Content Migration

Legacy Applications

Kofax Kapow is an information integration platform that provides near real-time application integration and process automation offering both traditional API level integration capabilities as well as an innovative "synthetic API" approach, which provides businesses with an agile "point and click, no coding" approach for:

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