Hologram Applicators

It's not just cheques that are targets for the criminal. Drafts, certificates, passports, vouchers, bonds, permits and any document with a value are easy prey for the fraudster.

Hologram Applicators provide an effective method of document authentication and data protection at the point of issue. And as holograms and secure foils cannot be copied or reproduced easily they offer the most secure method of protection against document duplication and alteration.


TFh-21 Hologram Applicator



- Up to 2,000 impressions per/hr

- 18x18mm impression area

- Up to 3mm thick

- Any size paper

- 32kg

- H/W/L 340/421/338mm

The TFh-21 applies a security foil to your documents at the point of issue as part of your authorisation process, giving you complete control over your fraud prevention. More info


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