Machine compatible envelopes

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Twofold's range of machine compatible envelopes has been designed for optimum performance with Twofold's mailroom equipment, by using a combination of design, quality paper and materials.

All of our machine compatible envelopes are gummed sealed and have our Checksecure design to ensure greater security with your mail. These envelopes are slightly oversized with the seams on the outside to minimise the risk of document stoppages.

We have a wide range of DL and C5 envelopes with horizontal, vertical window and non-window envelopes available within our machine compatible range. If we do not have the right window or the right sized envelope off-the-shelf, we can also supply bespoke envelopes to fit your requirements.

Standard size


Window position

Order code

114 x 235mm

90gsm white

22mm up, 23mm from left


121 x 235mm

90gsm white

20mm up, 20mm from left


162 x 235mm

90gsm white

60mm up, 20mm from left


162 x 229mm

90gsm white

20mm up, 20mm from left


162 x 235mm

90gsm white



If the letter size or window position is not shown above or you are unsure of the most suitable envelope, please contact us and we will do all we can to assist your choice and recommend a size that will best suit your needs.

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