Invoice approval

The TWOapprove® purchase invoice approval system is designed to provide complete transparency and control for the purchase invoice function within an accounts payable department.

TWOapprove automates the purchase invoice workflow and enables faster invoice approval times whilst eliminating the risks associated with lost invoices and duplicate payments.
TWOapprove has been designed in conjunction with accounting professionals. Its aim is to increase the transparency, control and efficiency of your accounts payable department.

Features and benefits

  • Improve current processes without unnecessary changes
  • Eliminate the risk associated with lost or damaged invoices
  • Provide total transparency throughout the approval process
  • Give immediate visibility and access to all invoices regardless of status
  • Eliminate the need for time consuming and expensive hardcopy search, retrieval and filing of invoices
  • Customise to your own requirements both in terms of user access levels and indexing.

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