Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM is an umbrella term that typically encompasses various technologies. Some are critical to the success of your business, addressing your specific needs, and some you may never need. Twofold are authorised system integrators of OnBase from Hyland Software. This ECM suite is very comprehensive, modular by design, allowing you to select only the functionality you need when you need it, growing with your enterprise whenever you're ready to take the next step.

Whatever format your business information takes, from paper documents to electronic data streams, OnBase can capture it all, making it available from one central place.

OnBase then drives this content through your business processes, validating the information and making calculated decisions for you, allowing your employees to focus on higher value activities.

All the while, your information is securely stored, accessible only to those you permit to view it. And you can access that information from anywhere in the world, from the application or device you use the most, because OnBase integrates easily with your other business systems, applications and mobile devices.

Having complete control of your business content means you can finally measure the health and profitability of your business like never before.

While so many of the problems companies face when dealing with disorganised information are universal in nature, the truth is no two document management needs are the same. Our industry experts understand this. And they understand both the nuts and bolts and the nuances of their industry, whether that's a financial services company, a manufacturing plant or an insurance firm.
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