Imaging, Import and Capture

Whatever industry you are in, you will receive a large amount of incoming documents. Twofold provide OnBase solutions to understand and process your documents and if necessary help you scan, index, workflow and retrieve them. Our aim is to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In addition your core applications and office software will be generating large volumes of reports and outbound communications and Twofold can streamline and automate this process and link your output to your inputs and give you the complete picture of a transaction or case.

By automating the process of understanding what you are receiving and what to do with it your organisation can receive insight and ensure focus is always on the highest priority activities. By controlling and auditing what is sent or generated within your systems will allow you to ensure compliance, meet SLAs and have happy motivated employees.

Typical benefits of using a Twofold solution for processing incoming documents;

  • Save operational costs
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Increased customer service
  • Improved audit and security
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Do more with less people
  • Increase your capacity
  • Offer unique service
  • Manage exceptions
  • Mitigate risk
To find out how Twofold can help you improve how you handle your documents with OnBase please click here.

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