Policy and procedures management distributes, tracks and updates documentation

With multiple employee teams, varying languages and different sets of documents for different jobs, policy and procedure management is a complicated and tedious task. However, distributing policies and procedures through paper copies or email and tracking them through spread sheets is too risky when employee and customer safety is at stake. Not only that, but auditing those to prove compliance can get extremely time consuming.

The problem with policy and procedure management is that there is more to it than just distributing and tracking documents. The element that often gets overlooked though is the handling of changes to those policies and procedures. Keeping documentation updated, accommodating change requests, and making sure all the important parties employees, managers, HR, legal, compliance are in control is not a simple task.

When spreadsheets and email aren't enough, turn to Twofold

Instead of sending out the policy and procedure documents manually and tracking who has signed off on them individually, you can take the paper out of the process with OnBase.

OnBase automatically sends out the most up-to-date policies and procedures to the right people. An email alerts them there are new documents to view and reminders help make sure employees hit deadlines without managers or HR having to bug them. Once an employee has viewed the documents, they can electronically sign them as read, understood and agreed to.

Update existing employees: All employees log in to view the policies and procedures OnBase sent them electronically. OnBase can pull documents directly from an existing ERP as well, removing the need to work in separate systems. Plus, new policies replace the old ones so your employees will never see an outdated policy.

Give new employees all necessary information: New employees are given access to all past policy and procedure updates right away. This helps them contribute immediately. OnBase supports Microsoft Office, audio and video files that can be sent out in different languages for specific employees.

OnBase keeps a record of who has and hasn't signed documents and a simple check gives managers or HR an update. Not only are you sure everyone has read and acknowledged them, but it also makes audits quick and easy. Employees stay safe and businesses don't have to fear non-compliance, costly legal issues or worse an injured employee. In cases where not all employees have their own computers, you can set up terminals that let employees log in and access the documents they need to see.

Keep policies and procedures updated and simplify the revision process

Instituting a new policy or procedure often requires the input of several different parties. Organisations can use OnBase to route the document through approvals and revisions, keeping a record of who has looked at it and what changes they've made to it. It never gets lost on a desk or in an email inbox. And with one just one copy of the document in OnBase, reviewers are sure to always look at the right version.

Many policies and procedures need to be updated regularly (every six months, one year, etc.). When a policy is due for revision, OnBase can warn the department manager or HR that it's time to review.
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