Lexmark Mobile Capture

Ever since human beings have organised themselves into public and private organisations there has been a need to receive and distribute communication. Over the years tablets were replaced by paper and paper was replaced by email and ironically humans are returning to the use of tablets again.

At last the final paradigm of customer connection has been passed. You now don't need to wait for forms to be completed, documents to be sent or your field based staff to return to the office. Lexmark have made the ubiquitous mobile phone into a device that can capture business grade images. Just imagine the possibilities.
In today's fast-paced market, customers expect real-time answers to questions such as: What is the status of my claim or loan? Did you receive my document? When will I get a confirmation? When will my account be ready? Your colleagues may be visiting the customer or site and need to evidence documents or transmit signed contracts directly into your back office systems with a perfect image, in an automated and audited fashion.
With Lexmark Mobile Capture, field representatives or customers themselves can capture documents, photos and audio and video files using a smart phone or tablet to initiate critical business processes at the earliest point in the process.
Capturing this information at the 'point of origination,' from virtually anywhere, and delivering it to enterprise applications accelerates processes, minimises latency, speeds transactions and reduces processing costs for better service.
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