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You have ERP software to manage enterprise data, but what is managing the documents that support it? Twofold can help eliminate manual paperwork processing and extend the value of your ERP solution. With OnBase certified Oracle solutions, documents are available right from enterprise resource planning software screens. This eliminates waiting for supporting documents and reduces costs and cycle times.


OnBase captures all documents as soon as they arrive – at any location – and they are instantly available from ERP software screens for processing. They can even create Oracle transactions. OnBase ERP solutions don't require custom coding, so you don't need IT resources to change approval workflows or create reports. Let your Oracle enterprise resource planning system do what it does best – manage the data – and let OnBase manage the documents.

Core Features

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry without custom coding into Oracle
  • Shortens cycles and reduces costs per transaction
  • Avoids document-related project delays
  • Eliminates integration pains through codeless, point-and-click integration and rapid deployment options

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