ERP Software Integrations – Certified SAP® Solutions

You have ERP software to manage enterprise data, but what is managing the documents that support it? It's time to eliminate manual paperwork processing and extend the value of your ERP solution. With certified SAP solutions from Twofold transactions are updated and documents are available right from enterprise resource planning software screens. This eliminates waiting for supporting documents and reduces costs and cycle times.

Twofold have years of experience in delivering solutions into SAP. Whether it is an invoice that we have captured and sent in as an FB60 or MIRO transaction or we are delivering content into or providing your ArchiveLink repository we know how to add value to your processes.

Many SAP sites were early adopters of imaging technology but their chosen application hasn't kept up with the pace of technological advancement. To find out just how automated Twofold can make your processes contact us today for a demonstration or talk to one of our SAP reference sites.

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