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Lexmark provide the world's leading document scanning and data capture tools. As a Diamond partner of Lexmark, Twofold have invested in all the skills and training required to implement and support your Lexmark environment, to improve your business processes and workflows.  In 2015 Twofold were awarded the Lexmark Partner of the year award for the EMEA region. 

Organisations today must deal with a vast amount of incoming information from many different sources in many different formats. Efficient and automated processing of this information is critical to managing it, improving productivity and better serving customer needs.

An overview of Lexmark Enterprise Software

When information and data enters an organisation, Lexmark's platform automatically captures, extracts, validates and classifies it through a touchless or "less touch” process; then makes it available to the right people, processes or devices at the right time, in the right format.

Whether it originates in the form of paper, fax email, SMS, XML or PDF, the time required to understand and decide what to do with the information is drastically shortened – regardless of whether the ultimate destination is a line of business application, content repository, Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) or a Content Resource Management (CRM) system.

Benefits of Lexmark Enterprise Software

  • Lower operating costs
  • Better customer service
  • Increased efficiency
  • More agile processes
  • Faster processing
  • Better information quality
  • Greater regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced productivity

Immediate access to purified information enables you to make faster, more informed decisions and better handle exceptions. This in turn creates more efficiency allowing you to reduce operating costs and provide better customer service.

Lexmark Solutions

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Lexmark Captures Documents, Data, and More

Lexmark delivers powerful, production level capture of documents and data from virtually any source: scanners; mobile devices; web sites; multi-function devices; e-mail; fax; web service; or folder. For document capture it boasts the fastest, most flexible scanning and indexing solution available. For data capture, Lexmark Capture extracts important information such as machine printed text, bar codes, hand printed words and even checked boxes.

Lexmark Capture uses the same powerful indexing and validation process to capture information from electronic documents that doesn't start on paper. That means your workflow or content management system receives consistently indexed content, regardless of the source or format, and your enterprise benefits from reliable, accessible, process ready data and documents.

Lexmark Modules

Point of Origination Capture

For many organisations, the initial receipt of a document is also the initiation of a process or transaction. Lexmark Capture enables organisations to capture this content directly where documents are received — whether in the central office, remote branch or home office — and deliver actionable, process ready data to core business systems, archives and processes. With this flexibility, Lexmark Capture delivers a single platform solution that leverages a single set of business rules, permissions, and security and job settings, regardless of the format, source, language or location where the document was received.

Scalable for Growth

Lexmark Capture is an enterprise ready, modular application that can be used right out of the box to meet the capture needs of a specific department, and expanded to meet the complex requirements of a high volume, mission-critical enterprise. From hundreds to millions of documents per day, Lexmark Capture can capture it all.

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