Handling Outgoing Post

Handling outgoing post


Whatever the size of business, we all send out documents such as invoices, remittance advices, sales agreements, quotes, letters, flyers, direct mailings and promotional items every day.

Twofold provide an output management solution that dramatically changes an organisation's ability to design and distribute forms.
Using the software Create!form, you have the flexibility to select the most effective delivery method for your company's business communications, whether it be via print, fax, e-mail, the internet or into one of our Document Management solutions.
When you consider it can take an average of 1 hour to manually fold and insert 100 single sheet documents into envelopes, the monthly invoice and statement run, or the next direct mailing campaign can turn into a laborious and costly task.
A Twofold Folder Inserter can perform this same task 35 times faster making it by far the more cost effective solution.
It's not just the preparation that takes time; pricing your mail can also be time consuming and lead to unnecessary costs if carried out inaccurately.
Users of Twofold Franking Machines will receive a 7p discount for every 1st Class letter they send and 8p for every 2nd Class letter and up to a £1.19p saving on a 2kg packet, making it significantly cheaper to send franked mail rather than stamped.
Confidential information such as remittance advices and security pin numbers need to be processed and delivered securely. Implementing a Pressure Sealer enables you to process this information in a safe and secure environment, which is maintained throughout its delivery.
Alternatively, our range of Checksecure envelopes makes it impossible to see its contents preventing the fraudulent interception of cheques in the mail and maintaining confidentiality.
By automating your document processing you not only noticeably improve the efficiency of each department, you can dramatically reduce the time spent on getting your documents in the post saving valuable staff resources and increasing your productivity.

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive are:

  • Invoice/statement runs going out on time
  • Customer payments received sooner resulting in reduced debtor days
  • Improved communication between your customers and suppliers
  • Increase in marketing activity without the need to increase its budget
  • Customised direct mailings for greater response rates
  • Savings through Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion
  • Rapid Return On Investment.

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