What is Mailmark Franking?

Developed by Royal Mail, the Mailmark™ Franking machine produces the newest and most efficient franking mark; the existing ‘crown and town' die is replaced with a more efficient machine readable 2D barcode.

Mailmark offers the potential to improve reporting and manage tariffs, track mail location and delivery and make savings of up to 8% on the cost of sending your business post.


Royal Mail will continue to process the existing franking formats for a period of time, and many businesses won't feel the need to upgrade straight away, however, there are many benefits associated with this new exciting idea.

Automatic Prices

· All of the information is displayed on the franked impression which means your post is pre-sorted and is therefore processed quicker and because of that, the cost of posting is lower.

· All 1st and 2nd class letters and large letters, both standard and signed for, are subject to lower rates than any other type of franking machine.

Other Benefits

· Get more replies - Your customers don't need to pay to return documents back to you. This is a brand new option just for Mailmark customers, meaning you can print labels from your franking machine and send to your customers.

· You can post your mail from anywhere in the country - because the old machines have a town die printed you are only able to post from that postcode area - but with Mailmark there is no town die showing, so you can post from anywhere.

· Automatic price updates, your tariff will automatically update when changes occur, keeping your charges up to date, hassle free.

· You'll have more space for company logos, and other information for identification or marketing in your new Franking format.


1. Can I use any colour envelopes with Mailmark franking?

No, please use white envelopes only.

2. What happens if we move?

Contact us and we will arrange to re-license the machine to your new address.

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If you have any other questions about the Mailmark Franking Machine, or what the best options are for your organisation, please email us on info@twofold.co.uk or call our customer service team today on 0118 951 9800

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