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7th Apr 2016

Twofold Aiim Webinar

Free Webinar: Your Document Strategy is about to be disrupted: Why is that a good thing? 

Twofold and OnBase teamed together to produce this very informative FREE Aiim webinar explaining all about how Enterprise Content Management Systems can improve your processes.

In the past, managing your information was about compliance and locking down documents, content, and unfortunately users and staff. Information went from a paper prison into a digital dungeon – and that’s no way to run a business when you have critical documents across many departments and workgroups that need to see the light.
According to recent AIIM research, 40% of respondents admit that they deal with paper, electronic, and social content in an ad hoc ways. With increasing volumes of incoming and outgoing documents – especially in your accounting, HR, and mailroom departments – even small and medium sized businesses are challenged with managing this flow of information so they can get back to the work of running their business.
In this webinar, we will discuss:
How digital disruption is affecting organisations and delivering more ways to stay competitive and nimble
How efficient management of information can enhance communication with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, regulators and employees, and become a valuable business resource that can help maintain compliance and reduce operational costs
The role of the cloud in helping you become more agile, more productive, and more customer focused – a winning combination.
Listen to the Webinar and find out exactly what Customers DO care about!
Underwri(en by: Customers Don’t Care

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